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The Home Doctor Book PDF Book – Practial Medicine for Households


The Home Doctor Book PDF Book – Practial Medicine for Households

Short introduction to the topic

Most people know how to help themselves after a cut with a plaster. But what about treating a nosebleed or an ingrown toenail? For fear of doing a disservice to their health, many people prefer to seek medical treatment rather than apply practical medicine in their own homes. The Home Doctor book gives you the opportunity to learn more about medical treatments for the home. The book was written by Venezuelan-born doctor Dr Maybell Nieves. Expert knowledge paired with medical treatments for everyday ailments arouse curiosity in this medical reference book. (Because of the extensive research, the author has allowed himself to use affiliate links. This means that the author receives a small commission when the product is sold without the price changing for you).

What is The Home Doctor book?

The content of The Home Doctor book deals with health and includes practical medicine in it. Practical medicine in this context means that by studying the book, readers will be able to perform medical treatments themselves. The book does not start from everyday life, but refers to medical care in connection with:

  1. pandemics
  2. natural disasters or
  3. the collapse of the health system

If no doctor or hospital visit is available in such an exceptional situation, The Home Doctor book is intended to give you the opportunity to experience medical care from your own hands. The book is intended to support you in being prepared for these events, in order to be able to offer medical help to yourself as well as to others in an emergency. In a way, the book is to be understood as a guide. The individual steps guide you through the treatment and can help you to help yourself through practical medicine. Visit the product website here to find the discounted prices!

Why should this product help me?

The author, Dr Maybell Nieves, wrote The Home Doctor book primarily to better prepare readers for disaster situations. With the book, you should be able to stock up on medical products that can be useful to you. Furthermore, with the knowledge from the book, you can more easily stop bleeding or treat wounds or infections in an emergency. Compared to many previous generations, many people lack an understanding of medical care in an emergency. If one's health is in danger, either a doctor's appointment is made or an ambulance is alerted. In a sudden danger like an earthquake, the emergency call systems are often already overloaded. Getting attention and medical help can sometimes take several hours or days. The Home Doctor book is intended to help in these cases, to increase the chance of a complete recovery by taking the first measures already. In some rural regions of Germany, inadequate medical care has already become a reality. Establishing oneself as a general practitioner in rural areas is often accompanied by a lack of interest among medical professionals. Many specialists can often only be found in the nearest big cities. With The Home Doctor book, it should be possible to apply practical medicine in these situations as well, in order to be able to help oneself first. Click here to discover the current discount!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of practical medicine?


  • Medical knowledge for emergency situations
  • Extensive topics included
  • Tips for keeping the most important utensils at hand
  • Step-by-step instructions as a guide


  • No table of contents included
  • Practical medicine carries certain risks

Who is the target audience for The Home Doctor book?

The readers of The Home Doctor book fall into different target groups. The first target group includes people who want to acquire more knowledge about health due to the current pandemic or the likelihood of severe weather disasters due to climate change. The Home Doctor book is available for this purpose in a printed version as well as an e-book. If there is no possibility to charge the tablet, the information can also be taken from a classic book. In emergency situations, such as after a flood, the risk of accidents increases significantly. Lack of electricity as well as mud-covered paths make it much more likely to suffer wounds or even broken bones after falls. The feeling of being better prepared should protect against acting mindlessly in these situations and thus putting one's health at risk.

A second target group for The Home Doctor book includes people who have a general interest in medicine. Often parents or people caring for relatives in need of care also fall into this category. If children or elderly people cannot communicate verbally, the book can help to correctly interpret the symptoms of a possible illness. Practical medicine can make the feeling of helplessness disappear in these situations. Adhering to the book's instructions can also be a good bridging measure until the arrival of emergency services.

Another target group includes people who like to travel alone or go on trekking tours. If you are one of those travellers who prefer solitude to mass tourism, you are also taking a certain risk. If you get a cut or other injury, practical medicine can help you keep your spirit of adventure and your health. The Home Doctor book can also be taken along in a space-saving way via an e-reader. For more information and a discounted price, visit the product website here!

Are there any known side effects or problems?

Any self-treatment of infections or even an incorrect diagnosis carries a certain risk. The author of The Home Doctor book therefore points out several times that the use should be limited to extreme situations. If one's own symptoms do not have priority in a health system strained by a pandemic or natural disaster, the book should help one to initiate one's own medical care so as not to have to accept any disadvantages for one's health. Concentrating solely on this reference book and completely eliminating doctor's appointments from one's schedule is therefore not the goal behind the writing of this book.

In terms of The Home Doctor book, the risk lies not so much in the application of the tips received, but more in possible problems of comprehension. The book is only available in English. If you miss some vocabulary while reading, it is very helpful to have a dictionary nearby. In this way, you can avoid misinterpreting the words and thereby harming your health rather than benefiting it.

The Home Doctor Book Programme Facts

The structure of The Home Doctor book is divided into several sections. Below you will find more information about each section.

  • Preparation: A first aid kit does not necessarily contain the medical supplies required for practical medicine. In The Home Doctor Book, readers can read about what medicines, bandages, and other items should actually be in the home. The primary purpose of preparation is to avoid wasting valuable time gathering emergency equipment in an emergency. If these items are within easy reach, injured people will also receive help more quickly.
  • Medical information: Recognising a heart attack or the signs of a stroke is very important in order to be able to help yourself as well as others in a timely manner. The Home Doctor book provides this knowledge as well as information that goes beyond medical theory. This includes, for example, tips for storing insulin in the event of a power failure. This information does not necessarily have to be applied immediately, but could prevent wrong decisions being made in an emergency.
  • Treatments: The practical medicine taught in The Home Doctor book often assumes that qualified professionals will not be available at the time medical treatment is needed. The book gives tips for treating bleeding wounds as well as severe toothache. At 300 pages, it is therefore very likely to address the most important treatments that can be carried out at home.
  • The Home Doctor book opinions: The Home Doctor book by Dr Maybell Nieves features a mix of medical information and graphics. This combination can help you not to lose your nerve in a medical emergency, but to follow the instructions in the pictures. At the same time, this book cannot be a 100% substitute for medical treatment. However, in an emergency, practical medicine can relieve both the readers and the hospitals concerned in the crisis area and their medical staff. The attention is thus more quickly on the critical patients, while manageable injuries and medical problems do not initially require direct medical assistance through practical medicine. However, if the situation eases, you can follow up with the doctor to confirm whether you have taken the right steps through The Home Doctor book.

Buyers who have written a review of The Home Doctor book find a lot of praise for this reference book. This shows that most readers hope not to have to apply the majority of the new knowledge themselves. The focus for the majority of buyers would therefore be more on the reassuring feeling of being able to act purposefully in an emergency. Negative comments on The Home Doctor book are increasingly found on the lack of a table of contents. According to the buyers, this omission on the part of the publisher and author would make it difficult to find the right information for practical medicine in an emergency. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

The Home Doctor Book Seal of Quality

At present, two points speak for the quality of The Home Doctor book. The first quality feature is in the form of the author. Dr. Maybell Nieves did not have to acquire the necessary expertise to write the book, but was already a medical graduate. The book should therefore not only stand for a superficial knowledge. Another point that goes hand in hand with this expert medical knowledge is the confidence of the reader. If you experience symptoms that could indicate a stroke, for example, it is important that the tips and advice described really have substance. Practical medicine in areas such as the treatment of inflammation or ingrown nails should also help to alleviate the symptoms and not make them worse through the self-treatments shown. If the book comes from a doctor, there is much more confidence in the content.

Another quality feature concerns less the content and more the purchase of the book. The publisher gives every buyer of The Home Doctor book the option to cancel the purchase within 60 days. If you make use of this option, the seller promises to refund the entire purchase price. You don't have much to lose on this point. If the contents do not meet your expectations of the practical medicine for self-treatment, you can simply return the book or e-book.

Where can I buy The Home Doctor book?

The Home Doctor book is available for purchase in several ways. In most bookshops, this book has yet to be ordered. This means that you will have to wait until you can hold the book on practical medicine for the home in your hands. The book is currently only available in English. The departments of books in other languages are limited in many bookshops, so it would be a stroke of luck to come across the book immediately.

A second option is to buy it from an online bookstore, such as Amazon. There, the books are often also available for download as e-books. However, one wrong click can be enough and you have bought a book that may have a confusingly similar name. To prevent this risk, the publisher of the book has also published its own website with an integrated online shop. You can select The Home Doctor book there directly and order it with little effort.

You can currently choose between two different offers. The details are:

  • Offer: printed book + e-book / shipping costs
  • Offer: e-book / no shipping costs

In the first offer, the e-book is immediately available for download. According to the manufacturer, it can take up to two weeks until the printed copy arrives. Whether the seller is referring only to the American market or also includes shipping to Europe remains unclear. The available payment methods, on the other hand, are clearly marked. These include payment by:

  1. Credit card (Visa and Mastercard among others)
  2. PayPal

Upon completion of payment, you can immediately start downloading and studying the contents of the book to learn more about general health and what to do in medical emergencies.

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Details of the manufacturer

The following information is known about the publisher of The Home Doctor book:

Name: Global Brother LLC

Author: Dr. Maybell Nieves


2549 Waukegan Road

PMB 45933


Illinois 60015


Country of origin: USA

Support: Contact by e-mail on the website

The publisher is from the USA, while the author, according to the biography, is based in Venezuela. If you have questions before buying the book, you should formulate your request in English. This increases the chances that the meaning will not be distorted by translation software and that the answer will really help you.


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